Thassos Island

The sandy beaches of Thassos.
Beggining our journey from the south coast of Thassos Island we find ourselves in a small sandy beach which is located in the north of Limenaria and is called Tripiti Beach. An attraction of the beach is the natural bathtub with its cave exit leading in the open sea. As farer you go to west, the calmer becomes the sea.
You can also find some mussels there. At the foot of the villa Speidel of Limenaria is the fine-sandy beach Metalia Beach. The beach does not offer some shadow, but there is the possibility to rent sunbed or buy some refreshments at the snackbar. The scenery of the blast furnaces from the Mining industry gives this beach a special flair

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At the beach of Pefkari you have the choice between fine sandy beach and flat rocks, that jut out into the sea. Along the clean sandy beach there are bars, taverns and a small kiosk. The water sports offer is very big, as for example Bananaboat, JetSki, Paragliding etc.
The fine gravel-/sandbeach Alexandra Beach belonges to the hotel Alexandra Beach in Potos but is accessable for everyone.
The beach of Potos is a clean fine grit beach approx. 2 km long. Numerous bars and taverns are along the promenade. You can rent small boats, sundbed and umbrellas here.

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The beach of San Antonio Beach is at the southern end of the 2 km long grit beach of Potos. Here the beach section is not so overcrowded as at the promenade. Umbrellas and sunbeds can be rented here.
The fine-sandy beach Psili Ammos is located in the place with the same name, between Potos and Astris. At the beach there are a bar and a restaurant. In the summer the beach is overcrowded mostly.
Directly below the cloister Archangelou is the beautiful and calm grit sandy beach Livadi. This beach is very popular mostly at the campers.

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Aliki has 2 different beaches. A fine sandy beach in the southern bay and a grit beach in the northern bay. Along the sandy beach there are some taverns and bars. Aliki is also popular stop for all ship rounding rides.
Paradise Beach is one of the finest and most beautiful sandy beaches of Thassos and is located between Aliki and Kinira. The water is very flat and at east wind there are here fantastic waves. Next to a small tavern there is still a Beachvolleyball-field. Paradise Beach is one of the few beaches where naked bathing is allowed. It is very popular to the nudists.
In Scala Potamia there is a fine sndy beach along the promenade. In the beginning the water is quite flat, so it is good for families with children.

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The beach of Golden Beach begins in the place scala Potamia and ends in the place Chrissi Amoudia (= Golden Beach). The fine sandy beach appertains to the longest beaches of Thassos. The water is very flat and along the beach there are numerous taverns, bars, hotels and watersportsactivities.
The fine sandy beach of Makryammos blonges to the large Hotel Bungalow Makryammos. But there is a free access to everyone.
Behind the old port of Limenas there is a small but clean sandy beach. Along the beach numerous Taverens settled down.

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The beach of Neos Prinos/Dassilio is a narrow fine sandy beach. Along the beach there are some hotels and taverns.
There are two beaches in Skala Sotiras. A small sandy beach direct next to the port and a pebble beach that is a little northern. At he sandbeach you can rent small boats, sunbed and umbrellas.
There are two beaches in Skala Marion. A small bay, with fine grit to the south shortly before Skala Marion and the beach Ammouda, that is on the other hand of the port. They are only very small beaches, but they are not overcrowded in the summer.

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